The Freedom Solution: More Perfect Clients & Profits In Less Time

This book shares powerful insights and strategies on mindset, marketing and productivity for high-growth, premium business building in an overwhelming online world.

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I'm excited to report that The Freedom Solution made the top bestseller lists in 5 countries worldwide so is now an international bestseller. 🙂

In The Freedom Solution You Will Learn About ...

  • Your Unique Freedom Solution

    Design Your Freedom Solution To Enjoy More Profits In Less Time

  • Eliminating Internet Overwhelm

    Eliminate The Overwhelm And Mind Clutter Of The Digital Age

  • Freedom Business Models

    Escape The Time For Money Trap With A Freedom Business Model

  • Your Authentic Brand

    Consciously Create Your Authentic Brand To Magnetically Attract Your Perfect Clients

  • Expert Positioning & Pricing

    Master The Mindset of Expert Positioning And Premium Pricing

  • Simple Branding & Business Systems

    Market Your Expertise To Be Highly Paid

  • Expert Productivity Strategies

    Get More Done In Less Time And Beat The Ticking Clock

  • How Not To Self-Destruct!

    Avoid Self-Sabotage And Love Your Freedom

  • Bonus Book Gifts

    Freedom Business Model Training (Recording and Recurring Revenue Roadmap)

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Book

"This book is packed with practical small business strategies that speak directly to our soul's desire to create FREEDOM and a business that fuels a lifestyle we love. A must-read I highly recommend."

Kendall Summerhawk
Kendall Summerhawk Leading Expert in Women Entrepreneurs and Money

"What makes this book unique is that Rachel doesn't teach you to follow her particular formula, but instead points you in the direction of finding a design for freedom in your business that's just perfect for you."

Nicola Bird Founder & Creator of Jigsaw Box, An Online Coaching Tool

“If you’re also feeling overworked and overwhelmed, then this book is your roadmap to freedom.  You can try to find your way to financial freedom through trial and error. Or you can take the sensible approach and be guided by someone who’s walked the path before you.”

Stephanie Hale
Stephanie Hale author of Millionaire Women, Millionaire You.

About The Author

Rachel is The International Freedom Coach and bestselling author of The Niche Expert. She delights in helping entrepreneurial coaches, service professionals & other experts to position, package & promote their expertise to attract more perfect, premium clients & profits in less time so they can enjoy more freedom. Find out more about Rachel's work at