As you're here on this page, the chances are that you've heard something which has touched you in my new book, Living Fearlessly, or in my blogs or podcasts.

You're in the right place to shift into living without fear and struggle. It's your gateway to more ease and flow.

This is your special invitation to begin or to continue your Living Fearlessly journey with me as your guide through my signature course.

Naheed Oberfeld

You helped me move into a place that’s not anxiety ridden as even though I help my clients with that it can be challenging to do for yourself. I now have the confidence that when I take the steps the next thing unfolds perfectly without anxiety, hard work, stress … and it just works!”
Naheed Oberfeld

Do you suffer from any of the following as you try to increase your impact and enjoy your life?

  • Feeling stressed and worried (even when you're doing well, you can't seem to relax and turn off).
  • Feeling guilty (you think you must have fear of success, failure or both)!
  • Imposter Syndrome (a fear of being judged and feeling like a fraud).
  • Feeling not good enough (self-doubt and possibly a sinking feeling in your stomach).
  • Feeling ashamed (of not making enough money or conversely of having too much when so many others have so little).
  • Procrastination (you're never quite ready so you spend your time perfecting things).
  • Playing small (you have big inspired dreams but feel trapped in the same old toxic thought patterns).
  • Feeling overwhelmed (panic sets in and sometimes it feels like things are spinning out of control).
  • Mood swings and meltdowns (which sour or even destroy the quality of your relationships).
  • Feeling stuck with the same old ideas in your head (you are ready for some fresh thinking and lasting transformation).
  • You're so tired of feeling in constant struggle (this still may be the case even if you're outwardly very successful).
  • Feel like your success is all down to you and your future happiness is riding on the outcome (this is extremely stressful and can lead to burn out).
  • Totally fed up of 'doing' endless personal development and modelling gurus (you're perfect already but if you're doing this then you can't quite see it).

In case you don't know me yet, I'm Rachel Henke. I'm the author of Living Fearlessly, entrepreneurial Fearless Transformation Coach and a reforming self-development junkie and spiritual seeker.  After a traumatic childhood; my mother died on the operating table when I was 5 years old, I spent the next 10 years moving around trying to find a place to call home.  This triggered a whole load of fear and anxiety that I've been 'controlling' with varying degrees of success ever since I was a teenager.

I've been a spiritual seeker and life-long student of personal growth for approximately 30 years and have found many answers through various approaches to psychology, spiritual teachings and self-development.

Whilst I've been able to create what most would see as a 'successful' life and am seen as an achiever, it's only during the past 3 years that I've recognised the true nature of being fearless.  (It's not psyching yourself up to 'feel the fear and do it anyway' - that's just more controlling of the fear which is an endless and often exhausting cycle).

My new experience has impacted my life in so many ways and for the first time I feel like my search for how to control my fearful thinking and all of the stress that goes with it, is finally over.

It feels like nothing short of a miracle which is why during the past year I began sharing more of what I call the transformation conversation, with my coaching clients.  I recently likened it to a sprinkling of magic mind dust and many of them have enthusiastically reported experiencing relief and a fresh, new inspired way of being after our sessions.

After immersing myself in this conversation I now understand where this new freeing experience comes from and I'm ready to share it with you in a deeper way.

By entering this transformation conversation we're accessing a new way of being that is unlike anything I've experienced before.  How it impacts each of us will be different depending on where we feel blocked, fearful, overwhelmed or stuck.

The one thing we all have in common is that we're human so it's normal to feel fear, but when the same old recurring thought patterns keep us playing small, we feel powerless to unleash our highest potential which can be painful, particularly for heart-centred people.

This isn't the usual kind of business course with me being the expert and giving you a step by step to-do list. It's instead about me sharing with you what I've seen for myself in this transformation conversation and pointing you in the direction of becoming the expert on your own life.  Once you understand where the perfect solutions for your problems come from, you realise that they're not in someone else's head and they're not in yours. (Yet!)

This is like receiving the secret code to unlocking a never ending supply of fresh solutions that are tailor made for you.

It turns out that when you experience your own insights they are yours to keep and this effortlessly dissolves the fearful struggle and striving we see so much of both in business and life, in a way that we could never have imagined. (Even on our vision boards!)

So many entrepreneurs and creatives struggle when trying to follow someone else's path, simply because they ignore, or are disconnected from their own intuition and instead seek external permission and validation. I noticed that even deeply spiritually connected people often seem to 'forget' their wisdom, and fall into fear when thinking about business and money.

When you join me in my signature course, Fearless: A Course In Personal Transformation, I'll be gently guiding you to discover or reconnect with your own truth and to follow your own soulful path.  After all, babies are born fearless and don't have to psyche themselves up to walk. They just take the first step and then the next. And if they fall they get up again.  They don't spend hours beating themselves up about why they didn't walk perfectly!

There's no right or wrong way to take this course - all you need to do is listen to the downloadable masterclasses in the way that you might listen to music. (With nothing on your mind).

I am spiritually connected but not particularly 'woo woo' so there will be a practical element to most of what I share with you.  By playing fearless with me you'll be entering what I envision as a hidden door to a magical land.

So if you're ready to explore a new way of being where you can discover a simple but transforming conversation to get relief and to shed some new light on whatever's troubling you, I'd love it if you'd join me on this magical journey.

Here are some of the transformations people experience when they take this course:


  • Access your creative flow with fresh ideas and insights 'popping' in to your mind
  • Feel confident to trust your own intuition or inner wisdom
  • Feel more powerful, inspired and open to miracles
  • Experience peace of mind, more of the time
  • Feel connected to something bigger - call it universal mind, source or even the G word if that resonates with you!
  • Experience a more loving, compassionate feeling towards yourself and others
  • Begin releasing control and joyfully allow your own soulful path to unfold instead
  • Feel more resilient and better equipped to cope with the rollercoaster of life and business
  • Discover your next breakthrough business and money making ideas
  • A joyful and playful attitude to business and life which naturally produces better results
  • Confident that whatever life throws at you you're going to be just fine
  • Effortlessly loving relationships that don't need 'working on' or 'fixing'
  • A calmer experience of work and life challenges that would usually be very stressful for you

The Course Consists Of The Following Core Masterclasses:




Here we'll look at your foundation.  Another word that describes this and may be more familiar to you is awareness.   There's no religion, ritual or meditation required so if you've had mixed results with spiritual practices in the past, that's already one less thing for you to worry about.

We'll explore the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought that are universal truths in how life works and you'll see why you don't need fixing and no longer need to spend hours of your life seeking answers.  You'll also notice how many of the problems you have now, simply dissolve when you see them from a new level of consciousness.  This is the ground you've built your current experience of life upon and the good news is that it can shift in an instant.

Your grounding is the foundation of true, lasting transformation. I'll only point you to things that I've seen to be truth.  Imagine us having a debate about whether gravity is real.  Yeah. It's a bit like that; pointless.  You'll see the truth for yourself in the absolute perfect time for you and there's no struggling or striving required to 'get this.' In fact, that can take you in the opposite direction of feeling fearless.

This is the kind of work that deepens the more you immerse yourself in it so you can listen to these sessions again and again and hear something new each time.

Your grounding supports you in enjoying a richer experience of life and allows you to recognise truth so that your fears can effortlessly dissolve as you spot them for the illusion they are.

Being human is a bit like you receiving the most advanced and expensive software as a gift at birth, and trying to operate it years after throwing away the instructions. You're probably doing okay but if you feel like you're not reaching your highest potential then you'll definitely benefit from getting your access to the operating manual.



Here we'll connect you up with the real you. How far you are from living your life, nurturing your relationships and building your business as the authentic you, depends on this connection. This may be a topic that's familiar to you and you long for more authenticity and less 'modelling' others who you think have all of the answers.

Or perhaps you've never even thought about who the real you is but you're excited to find out!  You may be relieved to hear that contrary to popular belief, your success is not all down to you.  Yes you need to show up but there's a world of difference between showing up and going through the motions, and showing up when you're connected to what we'll call universal mind or intuition.  The first feels like struggle and the latter feels inspired.

You may have heard me say, 'it's not about you,' and that is a fundamental truth that I now understand on a much deeper level than when in the context of marketing.  We'll talk about the difference between 'the little self' and 'the big self' (without pyscho mumbo-jumbo speak) and you'll see why all of those personality labels we do love to give ourselves are really ego fueled creations and are not the real you at all.

This has been a huge fresh insight for me as I've been a big devotee of personality tests and archetypes for most of my book reading life.  They are still helpful in seeing how you're showing up in the world today but they're not transformative on a deeper level, as you'll see.

I always sensed the universe had my back but I couldn't quite put my finger on how much was down to me 'making things happen,' even though I read endless books by spiritual masters such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle.

For a long time I thought the missing answers must be in positive thinking and the law of attraction but now I see clearly that that is another attempt to control the world around us and whilst illuminating in some ways, it's not the conversation we're having here.  (A big relief for the control freaks like me who've struggled to control their thoughts and 'make things happen' in their business!)



Here we'll take a look at what you see as your blocks. These could show up as creative, money or mindset blocks and you may be familiar with the concept of 'resistance.'  In the world of  traditional personal growth literature, blocks have been given an almost mythical power over us, and writers and entrepreneurs are challenged to go into battle to conquer their resistance in a war like fashion. 

Not only is this a very male, ego based approach which is out of balance with the feminine energy finding it's way back into leadership, but it's also a made up reality created through our personal thinking.

As I've learned from my mentors in this enlightening conversation, we experience every second of our lives through the feeling of our thinking which is why there are so many disagreements between people who see things differently. (Don't worry if you don't 'get' this as we'll go into it in the course.)

When you believe you have a 'block' you might spend years looking for ways to blast through it, but when you see as a result of this conversation that blocks are thought created and look different depending on your current state of mind; a bit like the weather, you suddenly see the insanity of working to clear them.

After 30 years of trying to clear my blocks in one form or another I'm almost embarrassed to say that now they disappear like magic. Clouds change their form and position by the second and that's what happens with our blocks.

Together we'll look at a much more inspiring way to live our lives and grow our businesses where we spend our precious time on this earth, sky gazing rather than cloud clearing.

Don't worry if you have lots of 'yeah buts,' coming up here. When you experience a paradigm shift, it's quite normal to feel that the ground is shaky beneath your feet.  The wonderful thing about this is that you don't need to believe in this or even in yourself for this to impact you. You will see exactly what you need to see at the perfect time.

I've discovered that when you give the conversation a chance to sink in, this is where all the juicy insights are. If you're open to create space to receive some new ideas, you'll see for yourself how liberating it is when the old, tired thoughts clouding your mind, naturally fall away.

This is also where you will see how practical this transformation conversation is because you'll save hours, days or even years of your life previously spent in seeking, fixing and chasing the new shiny toys.  For me it was years of endless studying and journaling that served as a kind of therapy for me. Now I journal occasionally but it's more to jot down fresh new ideas that are served up to me at the most unexpected times.



Here we begin to let go of the controls and allow magic to happen effortlessly in our lives. The old ideas, patterns and stories that you may have clutched so tightly begin to disintegrate which can be both thrilling and unnerving, depending on when you think about them!

Being fearless doesn't mean that you never experience fear. It simply means that fear is not something you have to control because it looks less and less real to you when you see where it comes from. This is the true freedom I'd been seeking for as long as I can remember.

As you feel more and more connected to universal mind, you have less riding on the outcomes of your 'big' goals because your ego's no longer in the driving seat. You can release attachment and have much more fun playing full out and fearlessly both in life and business. If something looks scary you no longer get so hooked by it once you catch a glimpse of the fact that you're sketching monsters in your mind and then believing that they're real.

Fear has felt like a very real problem for me throughout my life so I'm not making light of how it can feel.  I've experienced many incidents of what's known as 'fight or flight' so I'm familiar with the sheer terror we can create in our minds.

The relief is palpable when you see your fearful thinking for the illusion it is and how you no longer need to think that. There's no hard work or fixing to 'do' as looking in the direction of this conversation does the work for you.

The fear of the fear is what feels so scary and is what keeps us stuck and not taking the inspired action we want and need to take to grow our businesses. If you pride yourself on your intellect and like to know the 'why' of everything, I'll do my best to explain exactly how I see this works, in layman's terms.

But in the same way that you can fully enjoy watching the T.V without understanding exactly how the complex electrical system behind it works, you can also enjoy a deeper feeling of connection, creativity and realising your potential.

Your intellect can really slow down your insights so remember to listen to the sessions like music washing over you as opposed to trying to learn the lyrics.

If you find yourself constantly checking your email and worrying about money and business morning and night, this is going to be a very freeing session for you.  I've noticed this is a big problem for entrepreneurs no matter how much money they make.

How Fearless: A Course In Personal Transformation Is Delivered

4 Weekly Masterclasses and Q&A (Recordings of Live Group Sessions)

Each week a new class will be delivered to your inbox - each one building on the previous so you're immersed in this new understanding and can begin living fearlessly.

Classes are between 75-90 minutes and can be listened to online or downloaded on any device to listen at your convenience.


1 Living Fearlessly PRIVATE Coaching Call with Rachel (Value £300) - This is subject to availability and may be removed at any time. It's worth more than the investment in the course alone so be sure to order now if you don't want to miss this.

Nicholas Pole

Okay, Rachel, I think I’m opening up to the possibility that an awful lot more is possible
Part of my brain was saying, “Yes, of course i know that…”  and in another part of my brain it was like a door opening and I felt a “wooomph…”  and a deep sense of letting go.
Nicholas Pole

Get Access To My Signature Course And Special Coaching (Time Sensitive) Bonus For Just £197

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My Personal Guarantee: I’m so confident that you’ll love this course that I’m offering you a risk free guarantee even though all of the risk is on me.

If after you get access to the first class in the course, you’’re not 100% satisfied let me know & I’ll refund you.

That’’s my promise to you because I know how powerful this transformation can be for you.

  • Q.Who is this for?

    A.It’s for you if you’re tired of ‘working on yourself’ and desire to realise your highest potential whether in entrepreneurship, career and/or life.

    It’s for you if you want to experience a deeper sense of joy and ease as you grow your business.

    It’s for you if have tried everything you can think of to control your worry, fearful thinking and/or stress and want to experience transformation in business and/or life without more of the same.


  • Q.Who is this not for?

    A.It’s not for you if you’re just looking for another ‘quick fix tactic’ because this conversation goes much deeper than that.

    It’s also not for you if you’re 100% happy and contented with the way you live your life and show up in your business or career.  This understanding of how life really works is designed to create shifts and can truly transform your experience of, well … everything … so if you’re happy with the status quo then you may not want to enter this conversation.

  • Q.Will there be a lot of work to do because I'm short on time?

    A.No! One of my favourite things about this transformation conversation is that it works through your experiencing insights. They can strike at any time; in the shower, out walking or whatever. This is not another personal development course where you need to do a hundred exercises, meditations, affirmations or anything like that.

    All I ask is that you show up with as little on your mind as possible and listen to the sessions like you would music.